Building a Coastal Home

Building a Coastal Home

Getting that Coastal Feel All Year Long

Why wait for summer to get the feeling of the warmth of the sun and the breeze of the ocean? Modern coastal home design aims to evoke the the experience of the coast – without necessarily living there. 

Modern coastal blends the minimalism of modern design with the beachy feel  of traditional coastal design, resulting in a fresh and minimalistic aesthetic, a signature aesthetic of Ellie Mroz Design.


How do you create a modern coastal home?


New Home Westfield NJ Coastal Kitchen Dining Area with Indoor Outdoor Living

Keep your color scheme light and subtle. That doesn’t mean dismissing color entirely – blues and beiges play well here – but mostly using lighter colors help create that sleek look. And don’t forget cedar and light woods – perfect for coastal accents and backdrop. Pay  particular attention to the floors; light/natural woods are the ideal foundation for this aesthetic.


New Construction Home Wesfield NJ Coastal Family Room with Vaulted Ceilings
Modern Farmhouse New Construction reading nook with shiplap in Westfield NJ

Coastal homes are full of texture, and that’s because the spaces they’re evoking  – shell-line beaches, plant-filled dunes, are also full of texture.  

Textured elements in your home help make your space feel cozy and coastal. This can be created with shiplapped walls and ceilings, rattan, leather or beaded light-fixtures, planked, reeded or caned custom built-ins and plastered kitchen hoods or fire places. 


Porch on New Construction Modern Farmhouse in Westfield NJ

There’s no greater nod to coastal living than incorporating outdoor life into your home. That means designing with porches, pergolas and indoor/outdoor fireplaces in mind. And maximizing views and natural light with strategic placement of windows and doors.


 Airy and light-filled are two adjectives you’d associate with coastal homes, and this is best achieved with open-concept home designing when possible. 

But if you don’t have the option for an open-concept floor plan, you’re not out of luck. Keeping the above tips in mind — especially light palette light and streamlined, pared-down design – will make any home look more open and airy.